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How to Prepare Mac for Sale

What You Should Do to Prepare Mac for Sale

You’ve purchased a new Mac and aren’t sure how to dispose of your old one? It’s a good idea to sell your old Mac to make money rather than just leave it in dust. So what do you need to do to prepare your MacBook Air/MacBook Pro/iMac for auction?

In the beginning it is possible to transfer all your files from your previous Mac on to your new Mac by using the Migration Assistant or transfer files between the two machines via The Target Disk Mode.

To avoid having your personal information from getting disclosed, you must to take the necessary steps to clean your Mac and erase all your footprints. Additionally, it will help users who have just bought the Mac to swiftly get the Mac.

Backup your Mac

Since the beginning, you should make a backup of your old Mac. If you notice crucial files on your old Mac lost, the backup will give you the chance to retrieve it. In fact, backups are the best method of avoiding loss of data.

Time Machine is Apple’s built-in program. It is safe and reliable to use. To backup your Mac using Time Machine, you must prepare an external drive that is compatible with the file system that can store the backup files. It is also helpful to restore your files in Time Machine when necessary.

Additionally, you can use the iCloud service to transfer important files. Navigate to the Apple Menu > Preferences for System and then Apple ID, and enable iCloud for the app you want to use like notes, contacts and many other. Sign on to iCloud.com using browser and then transfer important files from the Mac to the iCloud.

Log out of all accounts

Apple ID ensures that the settings you have set and Apple services current across all your devices. For your protection, keep your personal data safe while you prepare your Mac to sell you must remove all accounts that have Apple ID signed in to remove the computer’s authorization before you decide to sell your Mac to anyone else, such as iTunes, iMessage, Music app, iTunes Store, Apple Store and more.


the NVRAM is a tiny amount of memory within Intel Mac, storing all the Mac settings‘ details. Resetting NVRAM removes user settings from memory, and also restore security features that may be altered.

For resetting your NVRAM of Mac You just need to close the Mac by pressing the power button and press keys Option and Command + R keys for around 20 seconds. After that, release all keys.

Important: If you have the Apple M1 Mac, you aren’t required to reset NVRAM manually as it will reset automatically if needed at each time that your Mac begins its startup.

Unpair Bluetooth devices

This is an option. If you are selling the Mac to a roommate , or anyone who is within the reach of Bluetooth then you must disconnect the Bluetooth devices prior to that. By doing this you can prevent the Mac not connecting properly to the devices you have kept.

It’s simple to remove your Bluetooth devices like trackpads, keyboards, mice, AirPods, etc. Enter Apple Menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth and then select the Remove (x) button next to the names of devices that are paired after which select Forget Device to make a confirmation.

Clean your hard drive and restart macOS

If you’ve completed the steps mentioned above, you are able to erase your drive on the MacBook Pro/MacBook Air/iMac to make it ready for sale. The device will be restored to its original state before it was first manufactured and erase all personal information stored on it.

Six steps are described in detail to reset your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air:

  1. Start the Intel Mac or M1 Mac into macOS Recovery mode.
  2. Open Disk Utility.
  3. Select the Macintosh HD in Disk Utility.
  4. Name and Format the Macintosh HD.
  5. Other internal volumes should be deleted.
  6. Quit Disk Utility.

Following the above steps completed, you have successfully reset your MacBook’s factory settings. Pro/Air. You can then boot your Mac in recovery mode and restart macOS. Once the reinstallation is complete it will be completed and the Mac will reboot to a setup program which asks you to select the country or region you want to choose from. You are able to delegate the process of setting up for the brand new owner, and use Command-Q to close the Mac.


After reading this article you now have the knowledge to prepare for the sale of a Mac to sell. By following the steps above, to backup your important data on the Mac delete all of personal data and then install macOS. Once you’ve completed the process you are able to search for a new user for the Mac.

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